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Taskstream Maintenance 0 Natisha Givens (admin)
Welcome Back! 0 Natisha Givens (admin)
Moodle Upgrade Maintenance - Thursday, July 11 0 Natisha Givens (admin)
Graduation Fair 0 Natisha Givens (admin)
Open LMS 3.5 release on January 3 between 12:30AM and 6:30AM 0 Kateryna Decker (admin)
"How to Moodle" tutorials for students. 0 Kateryna Decker (admin)
Open LMS (formerly Moodle) downtime on October 5 0 Kateryna Decker (admin)
SPCC Servers Online 0 Natisha Givens (admin)
SPCC Servers Shutting Down 5p, Thursday, September 13 0 Natisha Givens (admin)
SPCC closing for inclement weather 0 Kateryna Decker (admin)
Open LMS Maintenance on September 20 between 12:30AM and 2:30AM 0 Kateryna Decker (admin)
Moodle Maintenance on August 16 between 12:30AM and 2:30AM 0 Kateryna Decker (admin)
Office 365 Reminder 0 Kateryna Decker (admin)
Moodle 3.4 Release coming on July 12. 0 Kateryna Decker (admin)
Moodle Maintenance 0 Kateryna Decker (admin)
Moodlerooms 3.3 Maintenance 0 Kateryna Decker (admin)
Spring 2018 Graduates in AA/AS/AFA Programs 0 Kateryna Decker (admin)
Moodle maintatnace - Saturday, January 20 0 Kateryna Decker (admin)
SPCC Open at 9:30am Friday, January 19 0 Natisha Givens (admin)
UPDATE: SPCC Closed Wednesday, January 17, and Thursday, January 18 0 Natisha Givens (admin)
Moodle got a new look! 0 Kateryna Decker (admin)
Moodle Maintenance/ Upgrade 0 Kateryna Decker (admin)
December Graduates in AA/AS Programs: Artifacts and ePortfolios Due 0 Kateryna Decker (admin)
Moodlerooms Emergency Maintenance Friday, December 1, 2017 0 Kateryna Decker (admin)
Office 365 email is starting on Monday, October 2 0 Kateryna Decker (admin)
Welcome to the Fall 2017 Semester 0 Natisha Givens (admin)
Need an ePortfolio Review? 0 Kateryna Decker (admin)
Scheduled Maintenance - May 31, 2017 0 Natisha Givens (admin)
Survey for Online Students 0 Kateryna Decker (admin)
The ePortfolio due date for submission in Taskstream has been extended to April 19th 0 Kateryna Decker (admin)
ePortfolios of Excellence Awards 0 Kateryna Decker (admin)
Associate in Science and Associate in Arts December 2016 Graduates 0 Kateryna Decker (admin)
Student Development Workshop 0 Kateryna Decker (admin)
Moodle Maintenance - August 11, 3a - 5a 0 Natisha Givens (admin)
SP ePortfolio Submissions for Summer 2016 Graduates in AA or AS programs 0 Natisha Givens (admin)
Graduating in May 2016 with an AA, AS, or AFA degree? 0 Natisha Givens (admin)
Graduation Information & College Transfer Fair 0 Natisha Givens (admin)
Spring 2016 Registration is Now Open 0 Natisha Givens (admin)
Constitutional Day Quiz 0 Natisha Givens (admin)
ePortfolio Requirements 0 Natisha Givens (admin)
Moodle Maintenance/ Upgrade 0 Natisha Givens (admin)
IMPORTANT - Computer Logon Information 0 Natisha Givens (admin)
ePortfolio Tutoring 0 Natisha Givens (admin)
Academic Support Center Summer Hours 0 Natisha Givens (admin)
Passion. Perseverance. Perfection….Cookies! 0 Natisha Givens (admin)
Student Activities Survey - Your Voice Counts 0 Natisha Givens (admin)
Introducing Starfish 0 Natisha Givens (admin)
Two-hour Delay - Wednesday, January 14, 2015 0 Natisha Givens (admin)
Winter Break Support Availability 0 Natisha Givens (admin)
End-of-Course Surveys Now Available 0 Natisha Givens (admin)
Holiday Maintenance - November 24, 2014 0 Natisha Givens (admin)
Moodle Maintenance 0 Natisha Givens (admin)
Summer & Fall 2014 Registration Underway 0 Natisha Givens (admin)