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IMPORTANT - Computer Logon Information

IMPORTANT - Computer Logon Information

by Natisha Givens (admin) -
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Due to the number of recent virus attacks and other security related risks, the SPCC ITS Department is being forced to limit the use of utility accounts throughout the South Piedmont Community College network environment. 

Effective July 1, 2015, every SPCC user (students, faculty and staff members) will be required to log onto all SPCC campus computers using their SPCC assigned credentials (username and password).  Your username will be your SPCC user ID (i.e. abcd1234); your password will be your personal password that you use to log-in to Go/Moodle.  For example, if you log into a computer in the Library, you will use your user name and password that you use to log into Go/Moodle.  If you are logging into a classroom computer, you will also use your user name and password that you use to log into Go/Moodle.

This will also mean that each SPCC user whether faculty, staff or student will be required to change their user account password every 90 days in order to ensure account security. All passwords will be required to meet the length and complexity requirements with proper use of special characters and minimal length.  If you need assistance in resetting your password please call 704.272.5320 or email

We thank you for your understanding and participation in making this a smooth process as we aim to better secure the South Piedmont Community College network.

SPCC ITS Department